Discover valuable insights on Malaysians thoughts and opinions about work life balance, expectations and reality in the workplace & their opinions of gender pay gaps in Malaysia.

Some points to take note of are:

  • Flexible hours (37%), work-life balance (35%) and understanding superiors (30%) are reasons behind satisfied/happy employees.
  • Employees who say they are not satisfied at their current workplace say that salary/financial compensation (58%), training and development (42%) and work-life balance (40%) are areas which could improve.
  • The top reason males (37%) are satisfied/happy at their current workplace is due to flexible hours while women (36%) are satisfied/happy due to work-life balance.
  • Male employees who say they are not satisfied in their current workplace feel that there could be improvement in technical equipment (29%), while female employees feel that medical benefits (35%) and more empathetic employers could improve the workplace environment (31%).
  • 42% of employees believe that a gender pay gap exists in organisations in Malaysia, while 18% say they do not know.
  • 52% employees feel there is no gender pay gap in their current workplace, while 30% feel it exists in their current workplace.
  • 74% of employees feel by improving the valuation of both genders for all tasks through legal and collective regulation, we can overcome the issue of a gender pay gap in the workplace.
  • Males believe the cause of a gender pay gap is due to the demands a particular gender has for work life balance (28%), while females believe it is because a particular gender is assumed to not be able to work in certain environments (42%).
  • 47% of employees who are self-employed and 43% of employees who work in the private sector believe a gender pay gap exists in the majority of organisations in Malaysia.
  • 52% of employees feel they are being paid fairly for their services in their current organisations, while 27% do not feel so, and 21% aren't sure.

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